Car Magnet Signs – Best Care Tips to Make Them Keep Looking Good For Long -
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Car Magnet Signs – Best Care Tips to Make Them Keep Looking Good For Long

There is perhaps nothing to beat car magnetic signs for small businesses wanting to boost their brand awareness cost-effectively. According to fit Small Business, vehicle advertising is effective for hyperlocal businesses. While car magnet signs have several advantages like high visibility, easy setup, and removal, low cost, etc., you need to maintain them to keep them looking new for a long time and deliver a higher return on investment. A car magnet sign in good condition also reinforces the brand image. Some handy tips on care and maintenance of your car magnet signs:

Follow the Proper Method of Installation 

The first thing to establish is the area of the car body made from steel as it is only on those that the magnetic advertising signs will stick. Nowadays, increasingly materials like aluminum and fiberglass are used in car bodies. A quick and effective method of verifying it is to use a household magnet to test the car body. The ideal area should be flat or moderately curved without any badges, creases, molding, etc., that prevent the sign from sticking well. You must clean, dry, and wax the vehicle before installing the magnetic signs. The ambient temperature should not be very high or cold as the sign may not stick well.

Place the magnet flat against the car body for best results and reposition till you get the optimal placement. It is important not to move the car signs while they are stuck on the surface to avoid scratching the paint. It is important not to fix magnetic signs on car bodies that have been freshly painted as you can damage the paint. It is also a good idea not to apply the signs on custom paint jobs.

Care after Installation 

You must carefully remove the signs from the body before washing and waxing the car. Clean the surface of the magnetic signs with soapy water or car shampoo and wax them to make them look fresh. If you go to a car wash, you must remove the signs beforehand as the water jets can damage the signs. Do not leave the car out in the blazing sunshine unnecessarily because prolonged exposure to UV radiation can result in the signs fading. Also, keep in mind that your car body paint will fade less in the portions under the signs, which means that after a long time, the car body will look blotchy and will need to be polished well to restore the even look of the paint. Magnetic signs do not take very kindly to low temperatures as they become brittle. It is a good idea to remove the signs in winter.


You should consider car magnetic signs as an extension of the car body and take the same care you would for the car. A regular regimen of cleaning the signs with warm soapy water and drying them properly with a soft lint-free cloth will keep them looking new. Waxing the car body and the back of the sign will help prevent scratches. To prevent the signs from bending, always lift them along the edges and not by the corners.

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