What to do when you can't remember a song name and artist name?
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song name and artist name?

What to do when you can’t remember a song name and artist name?

Has it happened to you that you suddenly start humming a song and listening to it but don’t know the title? Or that you wish you could find that song you just heard on the radio but don’t know how? Learn now, with these simple steps, what to do when you can’t remember a song name.

Undoubtedly, the best way to find a song without knowing the title is to take a piece of the lyrics, type it in Google accompanied by the word « lyrics » and search among the results.

But when we only listen to the instrumental part, or worse if the song is in a foreign language, things get complicated! So we are going to show you some foolproof methods to find the title of a song. The only thing you need to have nearby is a computer or mobile device.

What to do when you can’t remember a song’s name?

The options we have to find songs without knowing the title are different.

From the computer using Shazam

In addition to smartphones, the Shazam application can also be installed on Windows 8.1 / 10 and macOS. Thanks to the microphone, this will allow you to find the title of a song that we do not know.

  • First, downloaded Shazam from the Microsoft store or for macOS.
  • Install the application.
  • To find the title of a song from Windows, open the application and press the central button.

In macOS, once you have opened the application, we will activate Shazam through its icon next to the clock so that all the songs in the surroundings are “captured” and the results will be displayed in the application. You can open them by clicking on the same icon.

Find a song with a smartphone

Shazam is also available for mobile devices, but you can also use this other system to find a song:

  • You must enter Google Play (Android) or the iTunes store (iPhone) and look for a free application called Soundhound.
  • Download the application and then open it.
  • You will see an interface where an orange button appears in the center. When the song you want to know the title plays, press it, and identify you.
  • Another option is to press the button and sing or hum the theme yourself.

Thanks to technology, finding songs is much easier than ever. The options are shown and the steps given are all free and very easy to apply. We hope that finally, you have found that song that you have been looking for hours.

Find a song without knowing the artist

Having information about thousands of songs is very easy on the Internet. Record companies spend time and money to keep their artists and songs in public view. For their part, music fans and historians keep the work of their favorite artists alive in the virtual world.

Steps to follow:

  1. Connect and access a search engine like Google, MSN, or Bing. Enter the title or letter you remember in the search box and hit enter. Several websites associated with the title or letter will appear. This works even if you only know one or two lines.
  2. Look at the list of web page options to see if the artist is immediately perceived on one or more. If not, click on a site that looks likely.
  3. Go deeper into the search by going to several of the sites on the list. Find the sound clips or artist photos associated with the song. Other sites will give you the lyrics. Search for sites that contain videos of an artist performing the song (Youtube, etc.).
  4. Listen to the song on the sites you have opened. If more than one band or artist recorded the song, search for each performer to find out when it was. This can tell you what version you heard. It can help you go to the official website of each artist.

If you haven’t discovered the artist yet, call a radio station that plays the song or the same music genre. Ask someone in the programming department to help you figure it out. Go to a music store and ask the manager if the song you want is known. He may reproduce a short sample to help you with the search.

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