Top 10 voices in music history
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voices in music history

Top 10 voices in music history

Two queens of soul, the kings of pop and rock, an  Anglo-Saxon and a Latin crooner,  the largest of the folk songs, two aces of melodic song, and a  released panther.

These  10 voices from yesterday and today, six international and four national, are among the best on the music scene of all time.

Surely you miss many names, but those mentioned here are undoubtedly part of our sentimental education. This is our particular tribute to all of them on  World Voice Day.

Whitney Houston

Beyond her unquestionable vocal virtuosity, the most award-winning female artist in history wielded such magnetism that she became one of the most beloved singers of the 1980s and 1990s worldwide. His ” I will always love you ” is, without a doubt, the best interpretation of a ballad ever recorded.

Michael Jackson

His  Thriller is the best-selling album of all time, but it was his famous moonwalk. And prodigious falsettos that brought  Jacko to the throne of pop. The allegations of child sexual abuse that have always weighed on him have not overshadowed his enormous legend.

Aretha Franklin

Soul, gospel, jazz, r & b, rock, pop … No genre resisted the one that nevertheless continues to be known as the queen of soul. Which of your greatest hits to stick with? ” Think “, ” Respect “, ” I say a little prayer “, ” (You make me feel like) a natural woman “? Impossible to choose.

Freddie Mercury

His extravagant stagings and his undeniable charisma never overshadowed the power of his voice, which sounded brilliant both in lyrical forms and in its rockiest version. The hurricane of emotions that one feels when listening to songs like ” The show must go on “, ” I want to break free “, ” Somebody to love ” or ” Who wants to live forever ” explains why it was so special.

Frank Sinatra

Are there any other songs that define both an artist’s career and ” My Way ” in Frank Sinatra’s career? There are many versions of it, but none can even match the emotion of that performed by our favorite crooner. The voice also, forever, of ” New York, New York “, ” Fly Me to the moon ” or ” Strangers in the night “.

Luis Miguel

For years, he has not lived the best moment of his career, although a successful Netflix series that will see a second season this year has made him fashionable again, especially in Latin America. We prefer  Luis Miguel de Los boleros, but in his latest album, dedicated to the mariachi, he shows that he has not lost his voice at all.

Rocío Jurado

The one in Chipiona,  the largest of our folk songs (with permission from  Isabel Pantoja, another one for whom we feel weak), was a veritable gale on stage. So much so, that she enjoys it much more rescuing her television appearances than listening to her records, among which we are, of course, left with a ballad: Manuel Alejandro’s ” Como yo te amo”, a classic that, unfortunately, would be much more revered if it were Anglo-Saxon.

Camilo Sesto

The first of the two melodic singers on our list is a true myth on both sides of the Atlantic. Songs such as ” To live like this is to die of love “, ” Something of me “, ” Forgive me ” or ” The love of my life ” have contributed to this. Any romantic story sounded better in his voice.

Nino Bravo

Did you know that behind one of the great songs of Spanish pop, ” Libre “, there is a milestone as tragic as that of the first German murdered for trying to jump the Berlin Wall? Nino Bravo left us a day like today 47 years ago. He was only 28, but his penetrating voice and songs like this by  José Luis Armenteros and  Pablo Herrero continue to keep his memory alive.

Monica Naranjo

Although her flirtations with opera-rock have lately extinguished her star and her appearances on the small screen are more frequent in reality than in music programs, there is no doubt that  Mónica Naranjo is the Spanish pop diva with the most privileged voice.

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