Tips and tricks to play the guitar better
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Guitar playing tips

Tips and tricks to play the guitar better

In several articles, we have seen tips or tricks to play the guitar better, usually from great guitarists like Joe Satriani, Dimebag Darrell, or Dave Weiner. I will try to summarize them in this post to have an overview of them. You will see that many are logical or common sense but we already know that it never hurts to remember them.

Having Fun Playing Is The Key

Learn to play guitar

Every guitarist at some point has felt frustrated, bored, or out of ideas when playing the guitar. This state of mind greatly reduces the desire to learn and continue playing the guitar, it can even cause in extreme cases to put the instrument aside. Having fun while learning is the key. I a passion for the guitar, learning new things, and improving as a musician. Today, with the infinity of resources that we have, learning does not have to be spent all day learning scales or theories. Through backing tracks, playing with a band or improvising without accompaniment can be the best way to progress as musicians and guitarists.

Play The Guitar And Practice Daily

It doesn’t matter if you play four hours a day or twenty minutes, the important thing (as in most things) is regularity and the habit of doing it daily. Of course, you don’t have to feel obligated to do it every day, but perseverance and the desire to improve are key in any learning process.

Have A Structured Work Routine

Regardless of whether we have a lot or a little time to practice, we will make the most of it if we divide our daily routine into work parts. Having predefined what we are going to do will allow us to assign the necessary time to each field and be able to cover all the necessary points (theory, scales, chords, harmony, technique, warm-up, etc.). As related information, I recommend you review these two articles: daily practice routines for guitarists, daily practice: Quantity or quality?

Know The Notes On The Fretboard And Learn To “Sing The Notes”

Every good guitarist will give you the advice to memorize all the notes on the fretboard. It is something that allows you to improvise with ease, to know at all times “where you are” and to broaden your musical vision of the fretboard to build phrases or chords. Going further, in an article I published some time ago, Guthrie Govan recommended the following:

Basically, the idea is that we can reproduce either by singing them or in our own mind the notes that we play with the guitar. This implies being able to anticipate and predict the sound of the notes we want to play. This point is closely related to the two entries that I have made before, they will also help you to develop it.

To learn the notes of the fretboard in a fun way, you can use any of the games or applications that I have published over the years:

  • Learn the notes of the fretboard in a fun way
  • Game to memorize the notes of the guitar or bass
  • Advanced FretPro, learn neck notes, scales, and chords

Improve Our Musical Ear

The musical ear is something extremely important in a musician, I recommend you read these two articles where I offer you some tips to improve and train the musical ear :

  • Improving our musical ear
  • Learn to play the guitar and train your ear

Look For Musicality

We all love to learn to play fast and focus on improving our technique. That’s very good, but you have to stop and think that most of the songs that mark our lives, or guitar solos that have marked an era and will last for decades, do not usually have great technical complexity. They are solos or songs with an unusual musicality, the old saying ” less is more ” is perfect for this advice. Look for a good melody, expressiveness on the guitar, and personality, and use the technique as a complement to these qualities.


Listen to the music of different styles, chat with other musicians, attend concerts, clinics, Master Classes, watch instructional videos, music videos, etc. Any motivation is good to encourage us to continue playing the guitar and learning.

The Guitar, Always In Tune!

Surely in more than one case a beginner guitarist, for the simple fact of having the guitar out of tune, has felt frustrated and has stopped playing or has lost the will. It is simple advice but to take into account. Buy a tuner, check out these tips or use the online tuner to always keep your guitar in tune.

You already know that you can contribute ideas or advice through the comments and thus expand the information of the article. As a complement, expand all this information through the following articles:

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