Seven tips to learn guitar easily and quickly
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Learn guitar easily

Seven tips to learn guitar easily and quickly

Hello guitarist!!! Today I bring you 7 tips to learn guitar in the easiest and fastest way.

So, if you are interested in playing an instrument, stay with me because I am going to give you the keys to learn to play the guitar or whatever you want.


I know you don’t like the first of my tips for learning guitar. But it’s essential, and I’ll explain it to you right now.

When we start playing an instrument we always think of all those cool songs that we like. Those hits from history, with their guitar solos, like Metallica or Van Halen’s “Eruption”.

But the reality is that getting to play those kinds of songs and solos requires years of practice and thousands of repetitions.

Therefore, the first thing you have to understand is that Rome was not built in two days. And that you cannot touch in a month what someone took 3 years.

Therefore, you have to understand that patience is your best friend, and that you have to cultivate it day by day in order to achieve your goal: to play an instrument.


Another roll!!! Well no, it’s a fundamental tip if you want advice to learn guitar or anything in life.

Rafa Nadal is not the best tennis player in history because he has trained 5 days a year for half an hour.

He is the best because he has been constant since he was a child. He has practiced daily for many hours to be able to evolve every day.

If you want to become good at something, you have to practice constantly, you have to persevere and not give up when something doesn’t work out for you.

If it doesn’t come out, repeat it as many times as you need until it finally comes out.

PERSEVERE AND YOU WILL OVERCOME!.. or it wasn’t like that… hahaha.

Practice Slowly And With Metronome

Tips to learn guitar

Another problem that we face when we want to learn to play the guitar is that we do it at an excessively high speed.

I recommend that you buy a digital metronome, which is an electronic device that allows you to establish a continuous speed that marks the beats of the compass.

If from the beginning you practice following what the metronome tells you, you will develop your inner metronome, and little by little, you will get used to keeping the tempo constant.

Let’s get in position. You want to learn a song from a band you like and it goes at a tempo of 140bpm.

You can’t pretend to read the tablature or the chords and play it in real-time and get it right the first time.

First of all, you should start by setting the speed of the original song to half-tempo or less.

Therefore, lower the metronome speed to 60bpm or 70bpm and start practicing the chords very slowly, trying to make it as clean as possible.

Do you feel like a turtle? It doesn’t matter, we all learn that way.

When a baby stands up for the first time, they don’t do a Usain Bolt-style sprint. He puts one foot, then another, taking small steps, and each time he goes a little faster.

As a consequence, after a time of practice, falls, and blows, he is able to run.

Therefore, another of my tips for learning guitar is to go step by step, very slowly, and do it well.

If you make a mistake and it doesn’t come out, nothing happens, it’s like that every time we learn something.

Our brain needs to process information slowly, in small fragments and needs to repeat it many times until it becomes automatic.

Give it time, your brain is a prodigious machine, and in the end, your fingers will obey and execute the commands with precision.

Repeat, Repeat, And Repeat

As I said before, repetition is the basis of learning in any field.

If you are learning a language, you are not going to incorporate new words unless you repeat them a lot of times and in context. When you have said it 30 times, in the end, it will come naturally.

When you learn an instrument it’s exactly the same, you have to repeat the chords, melodies, techniques or whatever to make it come out.

Instead of repeating the same thing in the same way, do it with different exercises or different songs so you don’t get bored.

After zillion thousand repetitions, I assure you that it will come out, don’t despair.

Have Fun

If you want to learn to do something in your life, it is essential that you like it, or motivate you.

Therefore, one of the best tips for learning guitar is to have fun playing things that you really like. If you don’t like classical music and it bores you, don’t start learning a work by Mozart or Bach.

Forget learning songs that don’t fill you up, because you’ll get bored and you’ll get mania for the guitar.

I deeply value, admire and respect jazz guitarists or soloists, but they don’t motivate me at all. And actually, I don’t learn anything from it because it doesn’t motivate me.

I prefer to focus on a song by a metal band that I like and start playing killer riffs that make me wiggle my butt off.

Don’t Listen To Those Who Tell You You Can’t

Let me tell you something, and burn it in your mind: NEVER, NEVER, EVER, LET NOBODY TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN OR CAN’T DO.

YOU CAN DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU PROPOSE. And if someone tells you that you can’t, fuck them.

Since I was little I dreamed of being a guitarist, having a band, making songs, albums, concerts… and everyone told me that I couldn’t and that I was crazy.

Do you know something? For many years I believed it, I thought I couldn’t, because everyone said so. Until I got tired of being told what I can’t do. And I decided that I DO WHAT I WANT, and if I don’t like it, don’t look.

If your dream is to learn guitar, don’t listen to anyone. Just do it. Practice, motivate yourself, and don’t listen to those who only know how to criticize and limit.

So, focus on yourself, on what you want, on what you like, and show yourself that you can do it because I trust you. Do you do it?

Of all the tips for learning guitar, this is probably one of the most important.

Set Short-Term Goals

Sometimes, we set goals that are beyond our reach. And when we do not achieve what we have set out to do, we get frustrated.

The issue is not that you cannot achieve it, simply. Perhaps it is not the time, you are missing other previous steps.

If you want to build a spectacular building with a wonderful vault. You have to start by making a good design of the project.

Then, you build good foundations and walls that support the structure. And the skeleton of the building, and when you have all those things finished, you can create your wonderful vault.

There you can create your personal Sistine Chapel, but first, you have to forge a strong structure that supports everything.


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