Selecting a Straw Hat with the Potential of a Fashion Fad: A Detailed Guide -
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Selecting a Straw Hat with the Potential of a Fashion Fad: A Detailed Guide

Hats are a fashionable piece of accessories serving the utility of every wardrobe. Headgears are available in a wide variety and materials suiting various needs of individuals. One of the preferred hat styles is straw hats made from natural and eco-friendly materials such as straw. It is tightly woven with synthetic straw fibers to provide adequate protection from the sun. Headgears made of straw are designed for summer outfits and worn by both men and women.

The popularity of straw hats 

Straw hats have been trending since the 16th century, gaining popularity and having a history. Such headgears have earned so much admiration due to their lightweight material. Unlike all other headgears, straw hats have tiny openings caused due to weaving of straw and resulting in ventilation that leaves the wearer cool during hot summer seasons. Fashion experts never forget to mention straw hats amidst the various hat styles. This piece of accessory complements your beachwear and completes your look on a vacation.

Summer outfits are incomplete without straw hats. In addition to being in vogue, headgears made of straw offer sufficient protection from the alarming UV rays. Therefore whenever you are shopping for a sun hat, it is best to consider the ones made of straw. However, a few headgears made of straw are specifically sun-protective due to the ultraviolet protection factor. Some straw head wears are tightly woven, allowing minimal sunlight to pass. Such hats demand a lot of labor on the part of hat makers and are costlier than others.

Types of straw hats

Popular straw headgears, including Fedora and Panama, are traditionally used by men and women during warm weather conditions. Travel bloggers often use boater hats as a part of their attire. Iconic headgears are suitable for both genders.

Boater style straw hats

Boater hats are a timeless and fashionable accessory preferred by both men and women for their short brim. Traditionally, such days were celebrated as straw hat days where individuals across the globe wore stiff straw hats of the boater style as a part of the tradition. It is also a part of the school uniform in many countries and a fashionable piece of accessory among many fashion bloggers. Several social networking websites showcase people wearing boater headgears traveling to and from different places.

The iconic straw Panama

Panama hats offer comfort and breathability to the wearer and often get paired with a light linen suit. Straw Panamas work best during a vacation due to their toquilla straw material and are popular among tourists, providing sun protection to men and women. The Panama hat is traditionally designed as a classic piece of accessory and got its name from the former President who wore the hat during his visit to the Panama canal. It gives the wearer a stylish and confident look.

The defining straw Fedora 

While Fedora hats are similar to classic Panama, the fedoras appear to have a low crown and a wide brim. Fedora hats are the best combination with summer suits and serve as a perfect accessory for sun protection. Straw hats are mostly Fedora or Panama appealing to both men and women. People often prefer fedora headgear during the vacation to the beach as it complements every outfit and gives them adequate shade. You can pair your straw Fedora hat with sunglasses and a jumpsuit during a day picnic as well. Fedoras are popular among tourists due to their breathable material and lightweight. The classic Fedora does not require any matching as it suits every outfit and every color.

Floppy straw hats 

Floppy beach hats are among the most popular fashion accessories when you talk about straw headgears. It is a perfect combination of beachwear and slippers. The white and floppy brim of the famous beach hat offers adequate sun protection and compliments different types of outfits one wears to a beach. The wide floppy brim reaches out to cover the shoulders for females, preventing the scorching heat from harming them. Straw hats with floppy brims are also available with a high UPF factor, minimizing the chances of tanning during your vacation.

People who often hesitate to go to the beach due to sunburn must opt for floppy straw hats to keep them calm while they enjoy themselves at the beach. However, one must be careful while selecting such headgears as they are also available at pocket-friendly prices due to their cheap material. You must pay special attention to the tightness of the weave if you are purchasing it as a means of sun protection.

The highly fashionable derby straw hats

Since Derby hats often symbolize class, combining the headwear with straw material can help you win the game. Derby straw headgears are suitable, primarily to women offering adequate coverage during a hot sunny day at the race course.

Irrespective of whether you are hunting for a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays or as a means of setting a fashion statement, straw hats play a crucial role, serving both the purposes and adding a touch of glamour to your regular outfit.

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