The 10 most iconic rock groups of all time
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iconic rock groups of all time

The 10 most iconic rock groups of all time

Based on incredible songs, they have yielded an entire industry at their feet. Personality, strength, and love for music in the 10 best rock groups in history.

The rock is one of the genre’s music that has given us a high-quality artistic level . Especially in the 20th century, its importance has been latent since the beginning of the century, thanks to the appearance of some of the bands that have gone down in history.

Under the umbrella of rock movements that go far beyond the merely musical have appeared, it has become a way of life, of seeing everything around us. That said, do you want to know which have been the most influential rock groups?


Known as “The Boston Bad Boys” they were one of the most listened to bands between 1981 and 1990. They are the parents of the movement that revolved around the industry of this musical genre. Americans became legendary thanks to the sober work they did on stage. Without forgetting his rebound in the 90s, with some appearance in Soundtracks and with his now legendary ‘Get a grip’.

Guns N ‘Roses

Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin were the founders of Guns N ‘Roses, one of the most popular hard rock groups of all time. The musical legacy they have left behind has made their name included among the 100 best artists in history.

The Beatles

How can we not talk about The Beatles in a list that includes the best rock groups in history? And it is that, regardless of the musical genre that is spoken, the influence that The Beatles has had – and continues to have – in the industry was key for music to be one of the most relevant industries in the world.


If we have to talk about rock, it is impossible not to mention the Australian group AC / DC. More than 200 million copies throughout the world have made it currently considered one of the best rock groups of all time.


Metallica’s total sales since its inception are estimated to be around $ 120 million. Being an important part of the genre known under the name of Trash Metal, Metallica is the voice of a whole generation. And it is that with these figures “nothing else matters”.

Pink Floyd

The elegance made the band so we could define the role that Pink Floyd has had in the progressive rock. His is one of the spaces that are reserved in the Olympus of music, and it is that his impeccable work and his class on stage has made this band one of the most famous in the world.

The Rolling Stones

There is no doubt that the British band formed in 1962 is one of the largest and most influential in the world. His musical discipline borders on excellence in a series of works capable of leaving any viewer breathless. Long live your “Satanic Majesties”.

What in

Like the previous ones, Queen was also born in London. Hand Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Bryan May, and Roger Taylor, Queen’s work has been praised by critics on many occasions, thanks to the excellent work of its founders. And, we are talking about a band that did not set limits on its creative capacity. With them “the show must go on”.


REM is one of the bands that started alternative rock. Its main success comes mainly from having known how to differentiate itself from the rest of the groups that existed until now, thanks to its recognized style. Since their ‘Losing my religion’ they have not stopped growing.


Originally from Ireland, the band made up of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. have been one of the most successful in recent decades. His concerts have marked a before and after in many spectators. After all, since 1976, U2’s work has not been without quality, irreverence, and love for music. Maybe they won’t stop creating because they haven’t “found what they’re looking for yet.”

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