How to find a music video without knowing the name using Midomi
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music video without knowing the name using Midomi

How to find a music video without knowing the name using Midomi

If you want to download a song, you need to know the title to find it in a music library on the Internet (such as iTunes or Spotify). You don’t know the title in some cases, but you can recite from memory some of the song’s lyrics. If that’s the case, use the lyrics to find out the title and download the song.

Steps to find a music video without knowing the name

  1. Take note of the song lyrics. Try to remember as many words in the song as possible.
  2. Type the letters in a search engine. Search results should reveal the song you are looking for on a music or video website. The title is presented in the heading section of the results obtained.
  3. Use a compilation website for song lyrics. These allow you to search for any song with the lyrics, artist, or album. Put the lyrics of all the songs you are looking for to get the ones that contain the same phrases.
  4. Check out a song lyrics forum. In some cases, an internet search may not be enough to find the title of a song you want to download. After all the information you have about the song, go to a forum with all the lyrics. Later, members will respond to the inquiry and hopefully, you will have your song soon.
  5. In cases of classical music, you should go to specialized pages. If you know the artist’s name, add this parameter to your search. It will be much faster.

What is Midomi?

It is a web application with which you can identify and find the song you were looking for both from your computer and mobile, all you have to do is sing, hum or whistle a fragment of the music for ten seconds. The Midomi application will begin to conduct the investigation.

How does this application work?

The song’s recognition is because it works with certain algorithms of wave comparisons for its search and stores all the results that have been positive when they have been hummed, both with the voice of one and with that of other people who have searched for the same song.

Of course, you must be registered in that application. The service is free and you need an Internet connection or have data at the mobile level to achieve the objective; we can also listen to hums from other users who have done it in a similar way to us.

Once you have selected the material, either by the original song or by third-party recording. The program also allows you to search for the song on YouTube from your browser.

How to search or find a song without knowing the name with Midomi?

When it comes to finding a song that you liked a lot but don’t remember or don’t know the name, we have several options. However, we are going to concentrate on the Midomi platform. It presents a very easy interface to understand when searching.

Next, we will mention the steps to follow to achieve this objective:

  • The first step is to enter the official Midomi address:
  • Once you have registered, we must click on the option “Click and sing or hum”, it is the same as saying “Click and sing or hum.”
  • Then an “Allow” notice appears, which you must accept because it is the one that gives you the input to use your computer’s microphone.
  • Next, you should start humming or singing the song’s tune that you need to search for just ten seconds.

Therefore we can conclude that currently, Midomi is a good option for searching for songs when you don’t know the name of the song, either from the comfort of your computer or with your mobile. You only have to hum or sing a small fragment, being an easy and very fast task to obtain the results.

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