Funeral Directors in Melbourne: Choosing Fitting Music for a Funeral
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Music for a Funeral

Funeral Directors in Melbourne: Choosing Fitting Music for a Funeral

Funerals are a difficult time, and the funeral arrangements alone can be a real challenge while still grieving the loss of a loved one. On top of that, there is an obligation to make sure that the deceased is given a fitting and suitable farewell. This means ensuring that lots of little touches are taken care of that really personalize the event and help remind attendees just how special and unique the individual in question was. Picking the right music for a funeral is an important part of this procedure – most people have a love for music so it’s important to pick something that’s both fitting and appropriate to their tastes or personality.

Picking the Right Music

This task is easier if the funeral arranger knew the deceased very well, this can help form their decision into something a little more personal and special. However, in the event that the arranger was not aware of the deceased’s music preferences, it might be a good idea to talk to family and friends to gain a better insight, as well as checking the deceased’s online music account pages if they have them, as this will reveal further clues.

Picking Appropriate Music

The truth is, ‘appropriate’ is a subjective term, and while most people would pick something more gentle and melancholy to be played at their funeral, for others this may not be the case. For some, a loud, brash song might have meant the most to them, and it is important to recognize that. Always check with the funeral directors Melbourne offer before picking something that may prove to be too loud, however, a compromise is usually available in these situations.

The Post-Funeral Music

In some cultural traditions, it is typical to hold a wake or some other post-ceremony event where friends and family come together in a secondary location (a home, a bar) to celebrate their life. For many, this is when they may choose to play a list of music that is appropriate to the life of the deceased. This does give the arranger more options in terms of the funeral ceremony itself, it means they can opt for something fitting during the funeral that will set the reflective mood, and then honor the deceased’s musical loves afterward.


Finally, it is important to think about the flow and timing of the music. If the arranger does opt to have a playlist of songs that reflect the person’s life, it is important to think about how they flow into each other and at what point of the day they will be played. For example, having a softly sung quiet number during the service would be appropriate, but could quickly turn inappropriate and unsettling if it is quickly followed by a loud upbeat song. A small degree of foresight in this area will make everything run smoother.

Please do contact the funeral directors Melbourneoffers if there are any complications or confusion about what is or is not allowed, most things can be discussed and worked out easily. The funeral director is there to help with situations like this and they have lots of experience in dealing with the little touches of a funeral, like the music, and when to play music.

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