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Enjoy music with coffee

Enjoy music with the Affogato coffee

The affogato coffee is a rich and traditional dessert prepared with ice cream and espresso. It is very simple to prepare and the result is delicious cold, sweet and refreshing coffee.

Affogato is an Italian word that means submerged or drowned. In addition to espresso coffee, the affogato recipe is prepared with one or two scoops of ice cream, usually vanilla, cream, or other flavors. In any case, the ice cream should be creamy and should not be fruit or ice, as they do not contrast well with hot coffee.

Italians are famous for their pasta, pizzas, and also for their ice cream, and coffee. Although it is a rather summer dessert, it is consumed all year round. It is liked even by those who are not fans of coffee, so we encourage you to try it or prepare it for your loved ones. Discover how to make affogato coffee and try it as soon as possible!

Ingredients to make Affogato Coffee

  • 4 cups of espresso coffee
  • 1 jar of vanilla ice cream or cream
  • 1 glass of liquor
  • 1 handful of nuts, cookies, or cocoa

Step 1:

Prepare all the ingredients. You have to do it quickly to take advantage of the contrast in temperatures. The coffee has to be freshly made to be very hot and the ice cream very cold.

With the help of an ice cream scooper, make balls and put them on a tray or in the glasses. Make 2 for each dessert. Put them in the freezer so that they are well frozen.

Before preparing the recipe, put the glasses or glasses where you are going to prepare the affogato in the freezer so that they are very cold.

Step 2:

Prepare the espresso. You can use another type, but make it strong. Make as many coffees as you are going to prepare desserts. In our case, we have made 4 coffees.

If you have an espresso machine, it will come in handy because the amount of coffee you need will come out (about 50 ml). You can also make a long coffee. It is already to taste.

Step 3:

Take out the 4 glasses or glasses where you are going to put the dessert. Place one or two scoops of ice cream at the bottom. Chop the nuts. We put nuts.

Step 4:

Once the balls are in each glass or cup, pour the espresso coffee on the ice cream.

Step 5:

Add the nuts that you like and add a splash of liquor if you like. Ready to drink!

Affogato – Suggestions and other recipes

As you can see, preparing this affogato is super easy and it will refresh you with every sip. In general, vanilla ice cream is used to prepare this coffee drink, although cream ice creams can also be used. Fruit ice creams or creams are not worth it since they do not contrast well with hot coffee.

In addition to the nuts, you can also accompany the affogato with chocolate syrup, caramel, cookies, cocoa powder, or other accompaniments that you want to try. Liquor is also usually added, which can be amaretto, bicerin, or others. Of course, liquor is optional and you can do without it entirely.

If you have guests at home, we suggest serving the glasses with the ice cream and coffee separately. In this way, each diner can pour their coffee into the ice cream and enjoy it freshly served. You can also prepare a platter with nuts or other accompaniments.

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