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Music is like a dream.

Music is the shorthand of emotion.

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

Albert Einstein

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Musical styles around the world

Who is no longer wanting to know what the musical styles of some countries are? Perhaps you already wanted to know where the rock comes from, what kind of music do the Irish listen to, if there is only surf music in Australia …

Thinking about those curiosities about music, we chose 5 countries to talk about their musical styles. Thus, you can make a real trip to these destinations without leaving home.



The music of the United States is a true mix of ethnicities. The musical genres that will be born there will receive influences from Native Americans, European immigrants, and Africans.

Rhythms that are known all over the world will emerge in the country. Such as Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop, and Country. The blues, for example, is a kind of model for American musical styles. This is because most of them are derivations of the Blues, which in turn has African origin and was developed by slaves who worked on cotton plantations in the southern United States.

Jazz emerged at the end of the 19th century, gaining its first improvisational settings in New Orleans. Rock (as well as jazz, it was derived from blues) emerged in the 1950s and launched singers like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, who will influence the whole world. Funk and rap appeared to give voice to African-Americans, being part of a freedom movement and putting social causes into the discussion.


Just as English folk music influenced American music, the United States was also inspired by the music of England – that is because of the great spread of rock’n  roll throughout the world. In the late 1950s, many young people were influenced by the main American rock idols. Chucky Berry and Elvis Presley, and thus created their musical groups. It is between these groups that the Beatles will be born.

The Beatles began the “British Invasion” (words used by the media to describe the great success of British singers in the United States and Canada) in 1964.

English groups like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath created new styles of rock, heavy metal, and hard rock. England also drew attention to the rise of pop. With the pop-rock of groups like Queen, and Britpop, which launched singers like Oasis, Blur, and Radiohead.


Irish music always kept many of its traditional aspects, remaining alive to this day. Irish groups like U2, Little Fingers Stiff, and The Cranberries are examples of the mixture of typical music of the country with a rock. Groups like the Afro Celt Sound System and Beoga play offspring of Irish culture and are very popular.

The characteristic instruments of Irish culture are the harps, Irish harmonicas, violin, Irish flute, bodhran, concertina, banjo, mandolin, and bouzouki.

Irish / Celtic / Folk / Punk emerged from mixing these instruments with guitar, bass, and drums melodies, keeping Irish music alive and well.


Australian music has many British tones. Australia’s art scene is strong, and it is no coincidence that the Opera House in Sydney is one of the main symbols of the country. The roads were opened by names like AC / DC and INXS, forerunners of Australian music exposure around the world. Silverchair and Wolfmother, for example, will also become known worldwide. However, what could not be missing in Australia is surf music, represented by musical groups such as Midnight Oil, Youth Yind, and Sunnyboys. There are also more folk songs, with the didgeridoo, a wind instrument of the Australian Aborigines. This instrument is used in other musical rhythms, from relaxation to electronic music.

How about listening to some music to get into the beach climate that makes a lot of sense with Australia?


The musical style of Argentina is different in each region of the country. As it has many origins and different influences. Tango is the best-known rhythm worldwide and was developed in and around Buenos Aires. In the interior of the country, folk music is very strong, represented by names like Mercedes Sosa, Horacio Guarany, and Los Noches. The quartet and the cumbia, originating in the city of Córdoba, will begin to occupy space within the national music of Argentina.

In 1960, a type of Argentine rock emerged, sung in Spanish, by singers like Fito Páez and Charly Garcia.

At the same time, the rhythm of the Latin American romantic ballad also emerged.

Does music encourage creativity?

Among many classifications, people could be divided into those who listen to background music while working and those who do not. For those who do, music helps them focus and generate more ideas. For those who do not, it is a source of distraction that does not allow them to work properly and get inspired. On the other hand, there is a debate about whether music encourages creativity.

Top 10 voices in music history

Two queens of soul, the kings of pop and rock, an  Anglo-Saxon and a Latin crooner,  the largest of the folk songs, two aces of melodic song, and a  released panther.

These  10 voices from yesterday and today, six international and four national, are among the best on the music scene of all time.

The 10 most viewed videos in YouTube history

In the early days of YouTube, the videos that first went viral were humor and memes. However, this situation changed in 2009, with Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video clip, which became the first most viewed video with a different theme. Since then, this trend continues the same.

The 10 most expensive anonymous guitars in the world

Unless you live in a cave, you are aware that the sale of David Gilmour’s guitars has exploded a record. From now on, the most expensive guitar in the world is the Black Strat of the guitarist of Pink Floyd who left for the trifle of $ 3.9 million. It makes you dizzy even when you take into account the historical value of the instrument in question.

What to look for when buying a classical guitar?

Are you thinking of starting in the world of music? The guitar is one of the complete instruments because, unlike many others, with just your voice, your art, and your guitar, you can already make an intimate concert for your friends. This instrument’s sound is valid for any musical genre, emphasizing styles such as flamenco or Spanish music. In this article, we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to choose a classical guitar knowing, point by point, the aspects that you should assess before buying a classical guitar. Take note!

What to do when you can’t remember a song name and artist name?

Has it happened to you that you suddenly start humming a song and listening to it but don’t know the title? Or that you wish you could find that song you just heard on the radio but don’t know how? Learn now, with these simple steps, what to do when you can’t remember a song name.

How to play music through mic

Computers can be used for many things other than simply browsing the web or creating documents. Most come with a sound card that allows you to listen to music and other audios through a set of speakers that connect to the computer. These cards also include a microphone jack that you can use to record audio. It is also possible to connect the microphone and hear the sound directly from the speakers without recording it.

How to make electronic music?

“Electronic music” is a term that refers to music resulting from the use of a synthesizer. When traditional instruments play a role in electronics, they serve as background accompaniment to complement (and not overpower) synthesizers. You can make electronic music at home by following his creative inspiration and some recommended steps.

How to find a music video without knowing the name using Midomi

If you want to download a song, you need to know the title to find it in a music library on the Internet (such as iTunes or Spotify). You don’t know the title in some cases, but you can recite from memory some of the song’s lyrics. If that’s the case, use the lyrics to find out the title and download the song.